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Please HELP Me!!! I entered a national burger contest for the James Beard Blended Burger Project for working chefs in restaurants to create a brand new iconic burger that is healthier for our planet by reducing the demands for beef globally, thus reducing the heavy carbon footprint burden on our world. The rules are to create a delicious “blended burger” that is 75% meat and 25% mushrooms… then build it with great toppings that any burger lover would want!

  1. Go to James Beard Blended Burger Project Contest
  2. Scroll down to vote & search Caleb’s American Kitchen
  3. VOTE! (you can vote 1x per day!)

Impt!! **But I’m 6 weeks behind every other contestant because the contest began in May and I only just entered😳! I need 3,000 or more votes done online to get enough votes to qualify for the final round!! So plz dear friends🙏🏼❤️ if you believe in me, would you please take a quick second to VOTE ONCE A DAY in July for me? ❤️ I reallyyyy need your help!!

🙏🏼 If 500 friends vote for me just 4 times in July, then i will have 2,000 votes right there, and most likely I might get to move on to the finals. This is really impt to me, more than you can know!! My burger is unique from the other contestants… bcuz mine is gluten free and PACKED with toppings that all have properties of health benefits for keeping away disease, increasing immunity, reducing cancer, lessoning heart disease risks, stabilizing blood sugar, and also is a diet-friendly food due to it being low in calories, high fiber, low cholesterol, low salt, and boosts optimal health of people AND our planet! You can have your health while u have your favorite burger!!

Please spread the word for me to get votes online with your followers, family, and friends.. i will forever be grateful!! ❤️ God bless your and my Goals and Dreams!! Love you all!!

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