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54 East State Street, Doylestown PA 18901


When I heard there was a brand new farm to table restaurant coming to Doylestown, I hoped so much that it would be amazing. I was dreaming of a place that we locals could rally behind and visit week after week, to call our own and our new favorite place to eat in Dtown.

I have secretly been longing for a truly exceptional restaurant and Chef to appear in our town, as we have many restaurants already, but none of them hit it out of the park as far as food offerings go. I will admit, that I am a bit picky with restaurants as far as pricing, quality, and creativity go. I also admit that I love good food, comfort food, creative food, casual or fancy, but I am in no way a stuffy tiny medallions of meat on a plate costing half a weeks wage kind of eater. No way.

I like full plates of food, made well, attention to detail, and unique twists.

The local restaurants we have in our town are nice, have great atmospheres, and have varied dishes to choose from besides the all important need for pizza, sushi, burgers, and pasta. I haven’t found that one place that I would wish to call up and talk about it to my foodie friends, or race to it for a taste of what’s hot on the menu that particular week. That’s such a fun experience when a restaurant has that natural sparkle, consistent excellent meals, cool specials, and an attraction to customers of all taste preferences.

I also enjoy finding a place that has excellent food, decent prices (or at least worth the higher costs), great staff to welcome you after a long hard week, and consistent high quality food. Once I find that special place, I then tend to go to that establishment a lot as a regular, and recommend it to all of my family and friends.

Ideally, I like a place that is so comfortable that it becomes an extension of one’s own home away from home. A respite place with amazing food and a socially interactive atmosphere. This is what I was looking and hoping for.

Why do we become loyal to certain restaurants?

Because the food is always predictably good (if not great), comfortable ambiance, sometimes trendy menu items, thoughtful plating, technically sound Chefs and kitchen staff, well-trained and friendly front of the house staff, and the atmosphere welcoming to all.

As you can see, my expectations were very high, yet I felt excited to finally give Heirloom a try. I was going in with high hopes and positivity as always.

One Sunday afternoon after church, my friend and I decided to go to lunch. It was Sept 13th, 2020, right around noon. We walked up to the outdoor hostess booth, and asked if there was possibly a table available in what we could see was a very busy lunch hour. What luck! We got the very last table available. I thought to myself that this was a good sign and it must be destiny, because the next couple behind us asked for a table and were told they would have a forty-five minute wait!

The waitress named Paige was so nice and welcoming to us, smiling big from underneath her patterned facemask. She gave us our menus and fresh water.

My friend and I reviewed the one page paper menu, with its limited choices of options, but what was offered all sounded incredible.

As I was reading the menu, my intuition told me that we were about to have a really great meal from how the dishes were described item by item.

I noticed a great focus on using local ingredients and fresh ways to brighten up old favorite brunch items, plus lots of creativity (which is very important to me).

This seemed to be everything I had hoped for on paper at least. The test would be with how the food tasted and was presented.

Paige came for our order, and I quietly mentioned to her that I was going to review the restaurant that day on my socials and on my food blog. I also let her know that I was an advocate of chefs and restaurateurs, and definitely not a vicious nit-picky self-appointed harsh reviewer.

In fact, I love being a professional working chef too, and I love and thrive working in a restaurant environment. I get so happy for other chefs and restaurant owners that do well and live out their culinary dreams. It’s such a rough business owning a restaurant, and now Covid has made it that much worse to succeed. It would be the last thing I would ever want to do than to harshly criticize someone’s blood, sweat, and tears in their restaurant business. I stated to the waitress that even if something wasn’t quite right, that I would be honest with my review, yet very respectful still. And that is the truth.

I ordered the delicious sounding Heirloom Benedict, where owner and CIA trained Exec Chef Tim Pervizi makes this popular favorite even MORE interesting by using braised pork belly, and an over easy egg topped summer corn arancini (fried corn cake) with roasted garlic hollandaise to finish it.

How can any of that be bad????

My mouth watered as I ordered it, and I added some grilled sour dough bread on the side as well because grilled bread is also unique to offer on a menu, and I was hungry!

My friend wanted something more “lunchy”, so she ordered The H Burger.

This was described as two 4 ounce grilled angus beef patties on a potato bun, served with house-made bacon onion jam, sharp cheddar cheese, pickled onion, and some home-made potato chips.

Yassss…. we were ready to EAT!

After a short wait for our meal, we were served our food with our smiling waitress and an offer to get us anything else that we may have wanted.

Excellent service!

My friend and I hastily dug into our meals once I finished taking pictures of each of our dishes. Then with one bite each, we both stopped and looked at each other.

These were looks you give someone when words can’t exactly describe what you are feeling, but your face can certainly speak loud and clear, lol.

We smiled wide simultaneously with mouths full, and rolled our eyes back with enjoyment at our really super delicious meals. My friend’s burger was cooked absolutely perfect medium, it was juicy, and the cheese just oozed out all over it (exactly as you want to see). The bacon onion jam that my friend asked to be served on the side just in case her particular palette wasn’t a big fan of it, soon had she and I digging into the little cup of bacon jam to eat it plain with our forks it was so delicious. Chunks of bacon, not too sweet. Yummm. The potato chips on the side of the burger were crisp and homemade, salted lightly, and the slice of pickle just made it an incredible lunch.

My pork belly eggs Benedict was beautifully plated and scrumptious. It literally was perfect in every way, tasted amazing, and looked as pretty as a magazine cover. Even the grilled buttered sour dough bread tasted really delicious, with all the pretty char marks and smoky flavors. My Benedict also came with a small arugula side salad that was simply dressed with a light vinaigrette. It was a healthy pairing that I really appreciated and enjoyed being as health conscious as I am.

As we finished our meals, I did as per usual; I gobbled up every single last morsel of food off my plate. I’m part of the clean plate club, haha. My friend took half of her burger home to share with her husband, because he loves burgers and she thought he would really enjoy her other half.

We ate outside the restaurant in the fresh air, talked, and had such a relaxing time. So refreshing this restaurant is, both she and I thought! It was definitely everything I had hoped it would be.

I am being completely honest when I say that I can’t think of anything wrong or not perfect… except maybe a bigger space would be nice, and no Covid!

One last thing. I neglected to get a picture of Chef Tim on that Sunday at lunch, so I stopped by unannounced days later to meet Chef Tim, get a picture of him and the inside of his restaurant, and chat a little with him. He could not have been nicer or more gracious. He happily stopped his work to talk with me, and I got pics of him and his beautifully renovated space. Inside the restaurant it is casual and an open floor plan, as best as can be done given the narrow space that it is. The open kitchen Chef Tim put in is a really cool visual as well, and overall the inside is decorated simply and attractively.

I give this new farm to table byob restaurant Heirloom 5 stars out of 5, earned and well deserved. We had a fabulous lunch there.

Well done Chef Tim and all of his staff at Heirloom! I seriously can’t wait to go back. Thanks for coming to Doylestown!

Everybody please go and check this place out, and look for me because I plan to go there often!

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