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Recipes by Jill Sonlin

Jill’s Gourmet Dreams

Badger Mountain Organic Chardonnay sponsored wine

I created this unique breakfast salad recipe to expand the thinking of what breakfast is or should be. Eating this nutrient packed “killed” salad as the Appalachian natives called it, gives the body time to break down and absorb the much-needed vitamins, minerals, and fiber for health and energy. This is so important at the beginning of each day, whether working hard physically in our busy lives, or tending to the many needs of the sprawling pastures of the Appalachia.

Serves: 2

Withered Green Salad:


2 cups Organic Mixed Leaf Lettuce (like Spring mix)

12 Badger Mountain Chardonnay Pickled Green Beans, whole (recipe below)

4 slices cooked uncured pork Bacon, crispy, bite-sized pieces, save 4 Tbsp bacon grease for dressing

1 Red Gala Apple, sliced, skins on

¼ cup Walnuts, raw, rough chopped (large pieces)

3 chives, chopped small (chive blossoms can be included too if spring season)

2 large Eggs

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