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1144 Horsham Road, Ambler PA


I am thrilled to begin this new venture in rating restaurants in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas, and to start with my favorite place right now, Angelo’s Italian Kitchen!

This Philadelphia suburban casual Italian restaurant is a gem, and it’s really one of my absolute favorite restaurants of all in this local area of stiff competition in the Italian food and pizza realm.

With their traditional Italian menu that has everything an Italian food lover would want, combined with their relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, makes going there as easy as stopping by your Italian mother’s house for delicious meal without guilt of why you haven’t called lately her, haha.

Besides offering Italian dishes we all know and love, they also have great brick oven pizza. Who has THAT in the suburbs? Actually, not too many do. You enter the restaurant and immediately see the massive brick fire pizza oven, and pizzas being made old world style. Delicious!

Their Executive Chef Adam is absolutely incredible too. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know him and asking him some questions, Chef to Chef. He is such a man of talent, intelligence, and definitely has the pulse of his target market. His beautiful nightly specials of fresh fish or grilled veal chops adds to their already highly tempting menu. It makes it so hard to pick an entrée! Do NOT come to Angelo’s Italian Kitchen and not order a side of meatballs as an app or as a side dish… these are as food as it gets! Not kidding! Their tomato sauce is perfectly seasoned for any pizza or pasta lover, and their portions are big and hearty. I dare you to leave Angelo’s hungry and not completely satisfied!

Also, the large bar area is welcoming and the bartenders are prompt and friendly.

My favorite thing to order right now is their Gnocchi with a side of meatballs, and I always ask for it to be served in a rosa sauce (my favorite). They accommodate my sauce preference without hesitation. I come here every chance I get, and honestly it’s my new favorite place to eat locally. Its casual atmosphere makes it so nice to feel comfy and cozy without any pretentious feeling. Just go when hungry, and don’t worry about anything else! They will greet you at the door with arms wide open. Besides this restaurant being chosen by me to kick off my first review, I will proudly say that the owner/restaurateur of this perfect Italian restaurant is my dear friend Angelo. He is a long time family friend, and he has so many successful Italian restaurants under his belt! I admire Angelo’s grass roots Italian upbringing in Italy, and you see it in all his restaurants!

I give this casual Italian and pizza restaurant 5 J’s out of 5!!

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