Hi everyone, its Jill of Jill’s Gourmet Dreams! I’m so happy that you stopped by to check out my newly renovated Food Blog. I’m so excited to have you. Thank you so much for visiting me, and welcome! I am really honored to have you!

My background story is this. I have been cooking ever since I was a little girl.I was always filled with big goals and huge dreams for myself. I also was blessed to have one of the best cooks in my upbringing to learn from. I was so fortunate to have an incredible mother who loved to cook and bake, and was incredibly good at it. She liked to experiment often with new recipes that she found in newspapers, magazines, and from friends at her work. From that creative exposure came my not fearing to try new foods or to try out new recipes. It also ignited a strong desire in me to explore using art with food and gourmet styling, as this was my natural ability and cooking style.

I also had a passion towards writing my own recipes, with artful twists way different than what was traditionally done by home cooks or trending. I loved and had a need to show my individual artistic fingerprint and expression with food. I still thrive on being different than the usual with my food and art. Different is always better in my eyes.

This period of my adult life my kids were just going off to college. I had been a devoted stay at home mom their entire lives, plus I was also a Registered Nurse for over 30 years. I worked many years on a busy adult medical-surgical unit in a trauma hospital, and have worked in a medical/surgical dermatology office, as well as working with many charities throughout the years; including Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Habitat for Humanity, and Meals on Wheels to name a few.

But one day I realized that I was more than a one career woman, a nurse. I saw my being able to fuse dual careers together, Nurse and Chef. As a nurse I help people and their body to heal, be cared for, and be comforted. As a Chef I help people eat healthy food for better health of their body, while also nourishing them with delicious meals that bring comfort and happiness. See how the two work hand in hand? So, I then began exploring the next journey I was about to embark on. The crazy idea of going to French Culinary School and becoming a professional Chef!

I soon enrolled and went to culinary school, and then began immediately working in a busy farm to table restaurant. Within three years I went from the lowest cook job to one of the main dinner Chefs working next to the Executive Chefs. I held my own in that capacity, and I loved the intensity and responsibility of working the hot line. What a fantastic learning ground that was for me in so many ways. I also had to create recipes for the restaurant’s nightly dinner special’s menu too. This was so rewarding, and it allowed my art and creativity to shine through as a Chef. People would fill the restaurant to get a taste of my newest creations I would post first on social media earlier in the day. It was so much fun, and I am eternally grateful for that amazing hands-on learning experience.

Presently I’m fully into my dual careers as a Nurse-Chef, and I am very busy working with many different amazing food and wine brands. I create delicious JGD’s artful and yummy recipes using their products, and I photograph my food creations to share with the companies for their websites and social media platforms for marketing and promotional purposes. I absolutely LOVE working with these brands so much. It is incredibly creative for me, and the companies welcome my out of the box artistic designs for my recipes and food creations. Some of the amazing brands that I am honored to work with are Etalia Foods (Nudo Pizza Crusts), Slap Ya Mama Hot Sauce and Seasonings, Badger Mountain Winery, Medlock Ames Winery, Prolific Vines Winery, Cuvaison Winery, Fletcher Bay Winery, Maple Leaf Farms Duck Products, Duck Fat Spray, TDon’s Cajun Dry Seasoning Mix, VSpin German Wine Decanter System, and DAT Hot Sauce. When I have extra time, I still do gourmet food art and custom catering, and I work as a restaurant Chef when able. I also passionately work with cancer patients and their families whenever needed or an opportunity arises. It’s a pleasure to work with cancer support groups to teach important nutritional information for health and wellness to their members before, during, and after their medical based cancer treatments.